In the PlaceTime app, you can quickly find business partners both in your city and abroad.
Find business partners in a couple of clicks
is a professional community of entrepreneurs, investors, experts and business people who know the value of time and networking.
The app for those who:
Strives to find new opportunities for business development and make deals promptly
Is active and ready to communicate
Promotes his personal brand
We care about the security of the personal data of our users and carefully monitor the accuracy of the information posted.
In case of providing false data, the user will be blocked forever.
Verified users only
To exchange data, you need to subscribe to each other
Find your potential partners using geo-search by name, sphere of business, or location
Find partners
Set up your route
Send your location data to the partner and find each other using the search and route function

How it works?







Download the app in your native language
Download the app
Sign in
Fill in your profile with all the requested data
Exchange information, discuss business deals or make an appointment with a potential partner
Establish contact
You can control your visibility
If you want to limit the establishment of new contacts for a while, you can turn on the privacy mode.
In the private mode you have the opportunities:
can communicate within the communities in which you are verified
can create brands and register companies and communities on the social network
to follow news or independent public figures
At any moment you can hide yourself in the search and on the map for the entire network community.
The social network is growing every day.
Businessmen, investors and celebrities join us. Download the app and find business partners.
Expand your network of business contacts
Be the first to know
After launching in Russia, the app will enter the markets of other countries. You can subscribe to the newsletter and we will notify you when the social network is available in your country.
Be the first to know
We will notify you when the social geo-network PlaceTime is available in your country.
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